In the list of winners of the Latvian Construction Year Award 2020, two projects in which the Būvkonsultants was a part of the team!

The reconstruction of the Mežaparks grand stage is not only an extremely important event for Latvian culture and traditions but also a unique project in construction. Therefore, the Latvian Construction Year Award 2020 Grand Prix has been awarded specifically for the B1 stage of the B phase of reconstruction of the Mežaparks grand stage.
The reconstruction of the Mežaparks stage is a complex and fascinating project, the total area of ​​which reaches approximately 11,000 m2. The team of the Būvkonsultants daughter company Altcon managed the development of the reconstruction construction design in close cooperation with the office of Architect J. Poga. We are proud of the further development of the project and the award received!
3rd place in the nomination New public building 2020 received by the Shopping Center Saga. A little more than a year-long Design and Build type project has resulted in a shopping center of more than 57,000 m2, where unique stores such as Hortes, Decathlon and others, as well as a kindergarten, gym and much more have opened their doors in Latvia for the first time. The Būvkonsultants worked persistently to assist the project management, mainly responsible for the placement of tenants in the shopping center, as well as performed construction supervision.

We wish that more and more ambitious and sustainable construction projects will be developed in Latvia!