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SIA "Būvkonsultants" offers BIM project management and consultancy.

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BIM (Building information medeling) project management

SIA Būvkonsultants has always been focused on innovative solutions in industry, constantly adding  and improving service quality and developing new services.

In modern world IT plays an increasingly important role and building industry isn’t an exception. Importing new technological solutions, not only product quality is improving,but also increases an information amount, which should be able to be organized, managed and effectively used.

Currently Building information modeling (BIM) become popular in building industry in Europe and in the world, what significantly changes the construction process and way how the communication and cooperation is happening.

SIA Būvkonsultants, as company with more than 13 years of experience in project management and consulting, sees great potential for development of this process and effective usage and therefore offers a nex service-BIM project management and consulting.

BIM provides great opportunities for increasing the quality of the construction project, because building with a detailed 3D model is built virtually before real construction.