The construction contract for the new “Orkla Biscuit Production” biscuit and wafer factory in Ādaži has been signed.

With excitement, we pronounce that in the construction tender for the new “Orkla Biscuit Production” biscuit and wafer factory in Ādaži SIA "Merks" has been chosen as the main contractor.

The construction contract for the amount of 32 million euro considers a new biscuit and wafer factory in Ādaži.

The factory will be specified only for the production of biscuits and wafers and will be one of the largest factories of its kind in the Baltic States and Scandinavia. In addition to the construction, investments in the equipment and production lines will be made, these will be the largest investments in the development of food production, also creating 250 new job vacancies. 

SIA "Būvkonsultants" in the whole time of design development provided project management and organized construction tender in two stages. 

The author of the Design is SIA «Arhitekta G. Vīksnas birojs», development of the structural part was done by SIA "Sitera" and engineering network design- SIA "Citrus Solutions". 

We are delighted to take part in such an important building development process and for the successful communication with the Client and designers. 

More information in the Dienas bizness here.

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