In March SIA “Būvkonsultants” has reached an even higher level of quality and improved competence in engineering networks - a cooperation contract with two certified engineering companies has been signed. Our new team members are SIA “BVK birojs”, whose qualified and certified personnel will be responsible for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and water supply, sewerage and fire-fighting system questions, and the engineering company SIA “ELEKTRON”, which will professionally take care of the tasks of power supply and low-voltage systems.

Our goal is to continuously increase the level of customer satisfaction by providing services together in a shorter period of time and of even higher quality. By creating a partnership, we see an opportunity to develop and provide customers with versatile services on-site as well as in the digital environment. We see this partnership as a diversification of our services and benefit for our customers.


ABOUT “BVK birojs”

The company was founded in 2013. The main areas of action are related to construction supervision of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and water supply, sewerage and fire-fighting engineering systems, technical inspection, engineering consultations and audit of engineering design solutions. The company's professionalism and invested work have been appreciated by customers in such projects as shopping center Sāga, Z-Towers, Panorama Plaza. The main value of SIA BVK birojs is the experience of employees, including working with international companies.

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SIA ELEKTRON is a full-service power supply and low-voltage system engineering office.

The company's certified personnel ensures the successful implementation of power supply system construction projects by offering services regards power supply, wiring and low-voltage system:

  • information audit
  • feasibility studies and inspection of technical systems
  • development of construction design and author supervision
  • construction work management and construction work supervision
  • construction design and construction work expertise.

SIA ELEKTRON engineers implement power supply and low-voltage projects in various sectors of the national economy: supermarket chains and shopping centers, electric car charging stations, warehouses, energy supply facilities, data centers, gas stations, administrative buildings, educational institutions, cultural monuments and military objects.

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Būvkonsultants will continue to improve and provide the best services for our dear clients.